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TOKYO REVERSE - EXTRACTS #01 from Simon Bouisson on Vimeo.

WATCH THE TRAILER ▶ vimeo.com/89936769 WATCH EXTRACTS #02 ▶ vimeo.com/92157667
LIKE SÅNDL ▶ ow.ly/vq48L DISCOVER SÅNDL ▶ sandl.fr
Written and directed by : SÅNDL : Simon Bouisson et Ludovic Zuili
Original soundtrack director : Francesco Tristano
Produced by : Grégoire Olivereau
A coproduction : France Télévisions and EDEN
© 2014

GS Challenge México 2014 from Arturo Chu on Vimeo.

EAST SWEDEN (reklamfilm) from Crazy Pictures on Vimeo.

Reklamfilm åt EAST SWEDEN

Letus Stabilizer and Anamorphic Footage from Letus Direct on Vimeo.

Here is the video footage we have been looping at the booth at NAB2014. Several people asked if they could see it online anywhere so now you can.

This is all shot on either the Letus GoPro Stabilizer or the Letus Helix ESS.

If it’s anamorphic, it’s the GoPro with the ANX-GP on a 1 axis stabilizer mounted to a monopod. Non-anamorphic footage that is car mounted is from a GoPro HERO 3 mounted to another Letus GoPro stabilizer (we were testing wind resistance at … errr… the legal speed limit of course).

The shots from the Ghost Bar at the Palms were shot by Edi Schneider on a Canon 70D with a 16-35mm lens mounted to the Helix ESS 3 axis stabilizer.

Everything was shot over the last few days just for fun…. if you consider hanging out a car window at highway speeds fun. I do!

None of this footage was stabilized in post.

Music: Cycles by Jason Shaw (audionautix.com/index.html)

Soul Motor Co. from Libelula Media on Vimeo.

Soul Motor Co. Cafe Racers

Ilona Hackenberg “TAGM” from Mauerfuchs Film on Vimeo.

Mathilde Maalouf “HOME” from Mauerfuchs Film on Vimeo.

Apr 3

SWISS cabin from LAUSCHSICHT on Vimeo.

An Airbus A330 from tail to the cockpit.
This film is part of an online brand experience plattform for the Swiss International Air Lines.

Making of: vimeo.com/90684953

Overall responsibility: Hinderling Volkart
Concept: Hinderling Volkart / LAUSCHSICHT
Online plattform: Hinderling Volkart (hinderlingvolkart.com)
Moving Images: LAUSCHSICHT (lauschsicht.com)

Concept and Direction: Kevin Blanc / Alain Renold
Camera: Alain Renold / Kevin Blanc
Post-Production: Alain Renold / Kevin Blanc
Producer: Muriel Droz
Music: Michael Ricar (ricar.ch)

Production Insight
Shot in an Airbus A330 in one take using a 5D MKIII with Magic Lantern (1080p25 RAW). We used a BeSteady one to control the camera. Grading was done with Resolve.

Apr 2
Apr 2
Apr 2

Berlin Sunrise - Panasonic GH4 pre-production 4K DCI with Cooke S4/i Mini PL lenses from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

From the GH4 Production Diary on EOSHD - eoshd.com/content/12392/panasonic-gh4-4k-production-diary-day-2-test-footage
Download original 4K clips from the GH4 here (pre-production) - copy.com/EoeMcoA2T9L4

Shot in 4096 x 2160 Cinema 4K DCI mode. Academy 1.85:1 aspect ratio. CineLikeD profile for best dynamic range, which is almost 12 stops and is impressive. Graded with Film Convert Pro 2 in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Disclaimer - this is a pre-production model with firmware version 0.5 and may not be representative of the final image quality from the camera.

Music: Jeff Alexander - Come Wander With Me (from Air’s sublime compilation in the Late Night Tales series). This album is super cinematic and if you enjoyed this track I highly recommend buying it on iTunes here - itunes.apple.com/gb/album/late-night-tales-air-remastered/id730339204

Apr 1

The Vanquished Music Video from El Triple Filtro on Vimeo.


Music by: El Triple Filtro
Video by Emilio Reyes-Bassail

Apr 1

DRIFTING MUSIC VIDEO from El Triple Filtro on Vimeo.


Drifting video based on a 1963 performance by Chieko Shiomi

Directed by: Emilio Reyes-Bassail
Produced by: Isadora Guerrero Emilio Reyes-Bassail
Director of photography: Anibal Barco
Photography assistant: David “Chuby” Márquez
Art: Isadora Guerrero, El Triple Filtro

Apr 1

ADV Lift Version Larga from Arturo Chu on Vimeo.

comercial para ADV Lift